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A Trip Around The World

This is a showcasing of some of my personal favorite travel locations that I have visited out of my many trips around Eastern Europe, Mexico & the Caribbean, and South America. The photographs below are of my own shootings and show the beautiful sides of these places!

Mt Pirin, Bulgaria



Mt Pirin

Etar Village, Bulgaria

Etar Village

Shipka Memorial Church, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the home country of my nationality and I have visited here numerous times with my family and friends. If you're looking for a neat hiking trip, this would definitely be a good place to step foot on. From the peaks of the Balkan mountain ranges to the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea, I've been around it all! The lands are filled with preserved ancient landmarks and are embedded with many old folklore traditions and culture.

Shipka Memorial Church



Santorini, what a beautiful place this was to visit and explore! A small volcanic island sitting just off the greek peninsula in the Aegean Sea. In 1600 BCE, one of the worlds largest eruptions took place, splitting the land into three separate islands. Although it may look very rocky and barren, it features numerous small, cliff-side towns and villages seen nowhere else and some of the most mesmerizing sunsets on the ocean horizon.

Oía Village, Santorini, Greece

Oía Village

Red Beach, Santorini, Greece

Red Beach of Santorini

Sunset off the tip of Oía

Sunset off the tip of Oía

Handelskade Waterfront Strip, Curaçao

Handelskade Waterfront Strip

Colorful streetfront homes in Curaçao

Colorful streetfront homes

Breedestraat Street, Curaçao



Curaçao was by far one of the most colorful places I've been to. I came across this small island off the coast of Venezuela through a cruise trip aboard the Zuiderdam of the Holland America Line. There is a lot of Dutch and Portuguese influence in all of the architure. Some of the buildings date all the way back to 1499 when Curaçao was first discovered by the Spanish. There is a famous word seen in many areas, "Dushi", which resembles love and gratitude.

Breedestraat Street



Aruba is another island by Curaçao that I visited during my cruise trip aboard the Zuiderdam. The one thing that stuck out to me the most here was the beautiful shades of water. The island is surrounded by sunken shipwrecks dating centuries old, which I got to see firsthand on a diving expenditure. This would be a top recommendation of mine to visit! 

Hotel Riu Palace, Aruba

Hotel Riu Palace

Waters of Aruba

Waters of Aruba

Playa Linda Beach Resort, Aruba

Playa Linda Beach Resort

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